Open PDF File: What is PDF and How to Open it

Open PDF File. What is PDF and How to Open it? Learn important information about how to open PDF file as well as other useful stuff in this guide.

Are you looking for ways to open PDF file sent to you by colleagues? Well, look no further as your search is about to come to an end with the remarkable ways to solve the issue. Open doc file will provide you with important information about how to open PDF file as well as other useful stuff.

open pdf file

Opening a pdf document has never been this easy with the following guidelines which can be helpful. Developed by Adobe Systems, a file with the.PDF file extension is a Portable Document Format file. like how to Open rar file, Open apk file, and Open docx file. Just check the website to learn more.

The PDF file contains not only texts and images, but also hyperlinks, interactive buttons, videos, embedded fonts, and more. You will often see eBooks, product manuals, job applications, flyers, brochures, scanned documents, and all sorts of other documents available in the PDF format. You can save  Web pages in their full formatting to PDFs for later reference.

Because PDFs do not rely on the software that creates them, nor on any particular operating system or hardware, they look the same no matter what device they’re opened on

What is PDF File Extension?

Portable Document File or commonly known as a PDF file, is developed by Adobe Systems. It is a document file format that is not limited to text and images, but it can also have hyperlinks or even videos.

Its primary purpose is to present a universal file format across any platform. That means the file preserves its quality and is readable in Windows, Mac, or even Android Operating systems. PDF file format also allows readers to view the document in their computer screen precisely the way it printed. 

Uses of PDF File

PDF file is like our modern way of opening published books. Many people in every aspect of profession or life status benefit with its uses.

  • PDF file revolutionized the way books are published. Many of today’s publishers use this format to let readers have a copy of their book in a digital form, commonly known as an eBook.
  • It is also used by many businesses to distribute forms, memos, and other documents.
  • Because PDF file is a “read-only” document, it can’t be altered easily. Therefore, legal forms and documents signed and converted in this format accepted in a court of law.
  • Important files and documents saved in .pdf file can take up a small amount of storage space on your computer. So, they are most commonly used to save multiple page documents.

Opening PDF Files in Different Operating Systems

There different ways to open a pdf document. Below are some of the operating systems and describe how the PDF file is viewed using each of the platforms:

Windows 10

Let us start with Windows 10. Since Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Edge browser, users can now view PDF files when they double click on them via this browser. This is mainly because of the PDF viewing functionality added to the Microsoft Edge browser.

But if you do not prefer the Microsoft Edge browser to open a PDF file, you can still download the classic Adobe Acrobat reader. And use it to open and view your document. There are two ways to open the PDF file outside the Microsoft Edge browser.

Open directly in Adobe Acrobat reader

  1. Once you download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, open the PDF reader program.
  2. On the top left the side of the window, click the File menu and select Open.
  3. Browse in the location of the PDF file that you want to open.
  4. Select the file you want to view and click the Open button.

Open via Windows Explorer

  1. Make sure the Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer.
  2. Open Windows Explorer.
  3. Go to the location of the file you want to view.
  4. Double click on the file, and Adobe Acrobat Reader if running automatically and view your file.


Built-in to Mac OS X is a PDF file viewing functionality through its Preview App. To open the PDF file, you can double click the local file in the Finder or the downloaded file via browser. This allows the Preview app to let you view the document. The preview app only allows basic PDF viewing functionality. Therefore, it won’t display interactive content such as hyperlinks and videos. To do this, Adobe Acrobat Reader for MAC users needs to be downloaded.


iOS allows the user to view, sign, and mark PDF files using the pre-installed Book application from Apple. In any case that this application is missing in your device, you can always download it via Apple Store.


Unlike iOS, Android does not provide pre-installed PDF viewing functionality. But there are hundreds of applications that can be downloaded in the Google Play store to get this job done. Adobe Acrobat Reader also has a mobile version for Android and iOS users to let you open PDF files on your mobile device.

Advantages of using PDF File 

 You may have a problem opening PDF File, but this doesn’t burn out the truth that it has advantages that can genuinely help us. Here is the list of the benefits you can get by using PDF File:

Compatible across multiple platforms

It is a file format that is independent of hardware or operating systems so it can be readable regardless of the platform it is viewed.

Document-Level Security

In PDF format, the user can assign a document level password to the file. Therefore, this allows them to share the document via the internet or intranet securely.

Open PDF File: Conclusion

PDF files can contain embedded fonts, images, hyperlinks, text, video, interactive buttons, forms, and many more. This is because PDF files are a standardized format. Several apps can open PDF files such as Web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, word processing apps, and other third-party apps.

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